Customised training. Quick results.
No more excuses. 

How many times have you found an excuse not to go to the gym, go for that run you promised yourself or not turned up for a fitness class? Sometimes the toughest battle is with your mind and not your body. We all have days when we feel unmotivated to exercise but if you find that this is happening too often, a personal trainer can help kick start that motivation and keep it going.

Training with a personal trainer is a completely different way to exercise. It is one of the most effective, safe, varied and fun way to train. This is because your workout will be customised to meet your individual goals, abilities, needs and lifestyle, with my support every step of the way.  

Your workouts could involve anything from weights, running, abdominal exercises or circuits in the park. It all depends on your fitness goals, what you enjoy, and what will get you the best results. One size does not fit all when it comes to achieving fitness goals because everyone responds to training differently.

I have both the knowledge and the experience to create a tailored training programme to meet your short- and long-term goals. Throughout your fitness journey, I will constantly monitor your progress and adapt your plan as your fitness changes. This will ensure that you achieve the results you are looking for. 

If you ready to take the first step on your fitness journey, contact me today and set up your free, no-commitment consultation.

What It Costs

No matter which training package you decide to book, you will receive a programme tailored to your individual needs.

Pay Per Session

No contract — single sessions. This option will allow you to try out personal training without committing to a monthly contract and would include:

  • free initial consultation meeting
  • personalised training programme
  • 1:1 training session where I would take you through the full exercise programme I have designed for you
  • consultation available for two weeks following the session should you have any questions

Once you feel you have progressed enough with your first training programme, you can book another single session.

Single Session  |  70€

Choose a Contract + Save

Six-week contract with regularly scheduled sessions. During this time I would be available to answer any questions you have. You can choose to meet between 1 and 4 times a week, with each session lasting one hour. The contract option includes:

  • free initial consultation meeting
  • personalised training programme
  • regular, pre-arranged 1:1 training sessions at your home or other suitable location
  • updates to your personal programme during the 6-week contract to ensure your fitness is progressing
  • additional training programmes for you to use when training on your own
  • advice and support for the duration of your contract

One Weekly Session  |  €360
6 sessions over 6 weeks

Two Weekly Sessions  |  €570
12 sessions over 6 weeks

Three Weekly Sessions  |  €720
18 sessions over 6 weeks

Four Weekly Sessions  |  €930
24 sessions over 6 weeks